POP ART Pets Party

Family Fun painting pets!



Our POP Art Pet party is back! If you have a pet…you don’t want to miss this special opportunity to paint a portrait of your critter in wild fun colors. In order to make your painting the very best it can be, we are enclosing some helpful tips, both for your convenience and for our production needs. It’s essential we receive a high resolution photo. Below are suggestions for posing your pet, lighting, and a few other tidbits. Don’t let the instructions scare you off. I know you have taken a bazillion photos of your pet. You can do this! Have fun with your pet and its silly faces or favorite poses. You will love painting that adorable face and watching your buddy come to life as you paint.

Because the process of prepping the personalized painting of your pet is long and involved, we need almost three weeks to convert all of the photos received. REGISTER NOW and send your photo to us the same day if you can.

SEND YOUR PHOTO TO: info@brushandcork.com 

NO LATER THAN Monday, May 6th!


Because there is little time for mistakes and corrections, we need your help and attention to expedite this procedure.

If you do not understand what a High Resolution photo is, please Google or You Tube it or ask someone who understands their cell phones and the differences between High Res and Low Res. I understand this can be confusing for those of us that just take pictures on our phones and don’t care or know how large they are. It will make all the difference in the world on the detail of your painting and what your critter will look like. Ask a friend if you need to. If it is too small the images are blurry.

Please send your photo in jpg or jpeg format, not pdf or png.

How To get a GOOD photo of your pet:


Either look right down on them as you are standing above them and have them look up at you OR get down on the floor and be at their level. To get a good face shot, it works if they have their mouths open or tongues out. It makes them look like they are smiling and really adds character to the portrait. Or if they have a cute way of tilting their head or perking up their ears, that all adds to their character in the portrait. If you don’t know which one to use, send me 2 or 3 and let me choose which one will work the best.

Full front face view is better than a profile. It helps to have someone help you, while you offer treats or playtime, have someone else snap pictures. NO NEED TO CROP, I will do that to fit to the canvas. Only ONE pet per painting (believe me, these are detailed!).


If your pet is a solid dark color (black or brown) and it’s hard to see their eyes in the photo, make sure that sunlight or room lighting is behind you and facing them so that their eyes are lit up and visible in the photo. And make sure that the background is light enough to contrast behind their head.

If your pet is one solid light color, you guessed it… please make sure that you pose them on a dark background in order to contrast them and not blend in with the background.

If there is a certain marking on your pet’s face that is important to you, make sure that the lighting doesn’t wash it out.

SEND YOUR PHOTO TO info@brushandcork.com NO LATER THAN Monday, May 6th!

There will be a $5 charge for every correction call related to an unusable photo. Payment of this fee will be due the night of the class. I will email you if additional charges will be necessary. 

Don’t let all these instructions scare you. It’s not difficult and if you follow them, your portrait of your pet will come out just perfect. You’re creating a keepsake you’ll treasure forever. Have fun with it!

Please arrive by 6:00 PM to get full instructions before you start painting. Painting starts at 6:30. BYOB and snacks!

Sorry, no one under 21 years of age allowed.

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6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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