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The Artist is Screaming!

What Do You Do When The Artist Screams…Let Me Out!!?

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

When I was in seventh grade I had an amazing art teacher that taught with such passion and love that I decided then that I wanted to be an art teacher just like him. ?At the same time, I had a great Home Ec teacher (remember them?) that I adored and she taught with the same passion and commitment, butt with a little more strict hand. ?So I decided I could be an Art major with a Home Ec minor. ?Then I soon found out that you needed to take all kinds of science and math to teach Home Ec. ?So that idea went out the window. No way was I gonna take any extra science or math classes than I absolutely had to! ?English, maybe. ?But I didn’t think that far down the road. ?I didn’t even think that far down the road when I was going to ?art school. ?Like why was I going to art school and wasting my time taking education classes at an art school instead of taking all the art I could? ?Or why didn’t any of my counselors guide me to the fact that I should have something like and English minor to fall back on, because a young art student doesn’t know the ways of school systems? ?And after getting my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and my teaching credential and spending FIVE years in that college school system, coming out and not finding any teaching jobs available anywhere, why wasn’t it the college’s responsibility to advise, direct and help me plan my future after graduating? Isn’t that part of what a school should do to help their students be the best they can be? ?Really? WTF? ? Continue Reading