12 Things Every Person Should Have the Opportunity to Find Out About Themselves

For over forty years I have been creating art…For A Living!

I am finally comfortable saying, “I am an artist”, when someone asks what I “do”.  I think that comfort happened about 12 or 14 years ago.  I have realized, along this path, that everyone that asks that question, upon hearing the answer, have some kind of pre-conceived notion of what an artist is, just like any other profession that you may not know much about.  First, there’s always the “starving artist”; the assumption that no one can “make it” “doing” art.  Let me clear this one up for you right now, just so we can really get this one out of the way.  The so called starving artist has choices in life, as any of us have.  Continue Reading

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Artists

The Quest To Find Oneself Years ago I had the opportunity to visit an ceramic artist friend while she was attending an artist residency outside of Santa Cruz in Davenport, CA. I thought that it was the greatest opportunity for an artist that I had ever seen and I wanted to do it too.  That… Continue Reading

2015 Reflection

Holy Paint Splats Batman! Happy New Year to You! I hope you had a great Holiday Season spent doing things you like with people you love.  I enjoy this time, but I always look forward to the seemingly quiet time in January, when I can look to the future and start to think about what… Continue Reading

14 Things To Know About Painting Parties

Michelle Regna, a writer for BuzzFeed tells it like it is. 14-things-to-know-about-painting-parties But #3 & #4 don’t pertain to us! So don’t get all tweaked out and worry about a thing. Plan on having a great time by bringing your favorite libation, a snack to share, if you’d like, and an attitude of playfulness and… Continue Reading