5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Artists

The Quest To Find Oneself

Years ago I had the opportunity to visit an ceramic artist friend while she was attending an artist residency outside of Santa Cruz in Davenport, CA. I thought that it was the greatest opportunity for an artist that I had ever seen and I wanted to do it too.  That was in 1975.  Fast forward to 2017…I finally got my wish and I got accepted to The Sedona Summer Colony, in Sedona, AZ.   Now you may be wondering what that has to do with the 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Artists.   When I arrived at The Colony I met some fabulously talented creatives from a variety of artistic backgrounds and styles.

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2015 Reflection

Holy Paint Splats Batman! Happy New Year to You! I hope you had a great Holiday Season spent doing things you like with people you love.  I enjoy this time, but I always look forward to the seemingly quiet time in January, when I can look to the future and start to think about what… Continue Reading

14 Things To Know About Painting Parties

Michelle Regna, a writer for BuzzFeed tells it like it is. 14-things-to-know-about-painting-parties But #3 & #4 don’t pertain to us! So don’t get all tweaked out and worry about a thing. Plan on having a great time by bringing your favorite libation, a snack to share, if you’d like, and an attitude of playfulness and… Continue Reading

Team Building Idea That Doesn’t Suck

Office life can get pretty Ho-Hum, so I’ve been told. Being a self-employed entrepreneur pretty much my whole life, I’m not familiar with cubicle life or any sort of upper-lower management situation. Lots of times I have craved wanting to work with other people, just to have the energy and stimulation that it provides. Get Out… Continue Reading