Team Building Idea That Doesn’t Suck

Office life can get pretty Ho-Hum, so I’ve been told. Being a self-employed entrepreneur pretty much my whole life, I’m not familiar with cubicle life or any sort of upper-lower management situation. Lots of times I have craved wanting to work with other people,?just to have the energy and stimulation that it provides.

Get Out of the Ho-Hum!

But one thing I am very good at is making art fun for everyone and providing?anything that can create more fun outside the?work environment. I am all about?the fun. So when a company calls me and asks if I do corporate team building, I answer with a resounding, YES.?I can make it fun, even if your first grade teacher told you your tree couldn’t be the same size as your dog.??There’s hope for you yet! I can get the office out of your employees and put the creative back in. ?And when the creative gets put in, it opens up space for production, communication, and brainstorming,?and a?place where companies thrive.

What's the thing with 2 ovals and 4 sticks?
The dog isn’t supposed to be the same size as the tree!

Build A Team of Creative Thinkers!

In researching ideas for corporate team building and art, I happened on this great article by Emily Bonnie for Wrike.com.,?Team Ideas That Don’t Suck.

Of course, I am especially fond of the team building idea, Number 9. But the rest of them are great too and I thought you might enjoy a little help for your next corporate play day or team building exercise. ?Brush & Cork created a fun Number 9 and everyone involved had so much fun they offered to hold up our?banner for a photo op (sorry for the blurriness, never claimed to be a photographer). ?Enclosed, you will see some pictures of the event that was held at Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne for Haeger Enterprises out of Oakdale, CA. The party then moved to lunch and bowling for a full day of team building and relaxation.

?Murals?Hung in the?Corporate Lobby


Haeger prep Haeger painters 3Haeger painters 2Haeger painters1Haeger2Haeger1Haeger employees

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